Episode 33


This week we’re continuing our series on wings with 4w3, Tara’s subtype aka The Aristocrat or… AristoCAT?! aka the Romantic Status Seeker aka Lana del Rey

In our new recording space (aka Maris’ dining room, it’s a bit echoey so we’re still finding our groove, apologies if the audio sounds weird)

We kick off this episode with an open letter to all 4w3’s from a frustrated 9 who instead of expressing this to her friend, decided to share it with the internet

Does success feel FOUR-eign to you?

Tritypes are like throwing self help books into a fire

Other things we talked about:
- the effects of the 3 being image conscious, producing, competitiveness, success
- vulnerability, self deceit, seeking validation, self esteem, identity, self-loathing, TRAGIC

Resources: Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery, Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram, 16 Types, Russel Rowe, Open Letter to 4w3s

Tara Wilkinstype 4, type 3