Episode 22

This week we continue our series on wings, dragging 3w4 - the professional,  the subtle showoff, the superstar, Taylor Swift, Drake, and NOT Kevin Bacon in Hollow Man

We are absolutely ruthless on Drake and Taylor Swift

We are all vain: http://theenneagraminbusiness.com/theory/enneagram-theory-fixations-habits-of-mind-vanity/ 

Madonna's Sex book: https://www.amazon.ca/Sex-Madonna/dp/8440631170 

Resources include: that Deep Living book Tara always talks about, Personality TypesREDDIT, The Macheavellian Bitch, Oceanmoonshine Blog

Here's the Iceberg Theory Model to explain the personality structure of the 3 in general: http://deeplivinginstitute.com/book/deep-living-book/enneagram-type-three

Drake dancing to Taylor Swift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Caomh069vMc


Conclusion: like most things, the 4 ruins the 3 so we think you should abandon the 4

This episode is a disaster


Bon Jovi's teeth are all 3s

Bon Jovi's teeth are all 3s