Episode 36

In this wildcard episode we talk about:

- The Surviving R Kelly documentary
- Billy McFarland and the trashfire that is the Fyre Festival
- The Fyre Fraud documentary on Netflix and the Fyre documentary on Hulu

We explore how deeply neurotic Billy McFarland and R Kelly are and try to make sense of their predatorial and exploitative behaviour with the Enneagram. Spoiler alert we mostly talk about neurotic 7 behaviours and a little bit about neurotic 3 behaviours.

The main resource we used for this episode is Claudio Naranjo, Character and Neurosis: An Integrative View and our own brains and life experience. This isn’t a scholarly article it’s a banter podcast.

*We talk about some pretty heavy themes in this episode. If you’ve experienced trauma this is a trigger warning.

If you know ANYONE who went to the fyre festival or you went, EMAIL US PLEASE AND TELL US ABOUT IT PLEASE.

Slice of Sadness

Slice of Sadness

Tara Wilkinstype 7, type 3