Episode 45

Intro/Outro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--YiHE-06Rw (flowers in narnia)

We kick off this episode with a discussion about speakers not getting paid at the International Enneagram Conference and then dive into what it’s like to be a self-preservation 5. We talk about:

  • Hermit life, being the most detached variant out of the three and how that may show up

  • What it might feel like for a self-pres 5 to owe anything to somebody

  • The self-pres 5 being “very good at boundaries”

  • How the passion of avarice shows up in the 5

  • a 5s active thinking voice

  • Themes of separation, detachment, non-attachment

  • Self-pres 5s apparently being thinner out of all the variants - is that true? Email us and let us know enneagramforidiots@gmail.com

  • What do you focus on the most out of these things? How do you find yourself focusing on these things: food, housing, health, physical comfort, money, your body?

Also a couple of additional notes:

  • A correction: Karen Horney influenced the coping style triads of the Enneagram (moving against 3-7-8, moving towards 1-2-6 and moving away from others/the world 4-5-9) but according to many resources, did not relate these concepts to the Enneagram herself. Claudio Naranjo apparently was one of the first teachers to use some of her theories in the Enneagram and many other authors did as well, connecting Horney’s theories and the 9 types together.

  • The last 5 minutes of the podcast was cut off so we’ll do the wrap up on the next episode (new equipment and training is expensive, and right now we’re trying to work with what we’ve got here).

Resources: Enneagram Central, Self-reported people talkin’ on Reddit, Wisdom of the Enneagram, Some quotables from Beatrice Chestnut and Russ Hudson, Enneagram Institute message boards, Karen Horney: Our Inner Conflicts: A Constructive Theory Of Neurosis, our brains

Tara Wilkins