Episode 46

Intro/Outro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0pVXEBA3PU&list=RD--YiHE-06Rw&index=22 (pilgrim)

Today we’re talking about Self-Preservation dominant 8s aka NOT Marissa but Donald Trump. Also known by Enneagram resources as the "Survivalist". In this episode we cover:

  • How Marissa isn’t self-preservation dominant and Tara’s mind is blown, then we explore how the social (Maris) and sexual (Tara) instincts show up in our lives

  • What a self-preservation dominant 8 may look like and behave

  • How this type may be more angry and confrontational than the other instinctual variants of the 8

  • Famous 8w7 examples (Donald Trump / Gene Simmons) and famous 8w9 examples (Liam Neeson / Morgan Freeman / Susan Sarandon)

  • What it may be like to work with a self-pres 8

  • How self-pres 8s might challenge people to be equals more than the other instinctual variants of the 8

  • The unhealthy and average range of a self-pres dominant 8

Also sorry 5s, the audio got cut in the beginning so a portion of your recap from the previous episode just wasn’t meant to be covered. Love you.


  • If you’re a self-pres 8 what is crying like for you? Or if you know a self-pres 8, do they cry often/rarely/ever? What’s that like?

  • Self-pres 8s: do you call in sick?

  • How does this instinctual variant soften themselves?

Resources: Self-reported people talkin’ on Reddit, Wisdom of the Enneagram, Some quotables from Beatrice Chestnut and Russ Hudson, Enneagram Institute message boards, Excerpts from Claudio Naranjo, Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram

Tara Wilkins